The Questionvodshieldtrans

       Ever since a team was formed here at Voices of Defense, we struggled with creating a Mission Statement for the mere fact that we couldn’t come up with a short paragraph to really put out what we all stand for. With all the logo’s I’ve made I figured why not put our mission statement into our logo? It then became an issue of finding the right images and colors to project who we are as people, a business, and as professionals.

       Most of our team thought it would be a difficult thing to do, but I knew as an experienced web developer and designer that it wouldn’t be as difficult opposed to writing out a mission statement that would best suit us. 

A Thousand Words

       We all know that a picture or image is worth a thousand words. One say I sat down and started conceptualizing all the things we stand for and researching the most known meanings behind specific colors in which I wanted to use in our new Logo.

We came up with Red, Yellow, Green, and Black.

Here is what they mean to us;

  • The Red Border: Encompasses the entire design to represent our passion and ability to protect what we love and believe in.
  • The Yellow Font: Represents the wealth of supporters, friends, and families just like yours.
  • The Black Background: Represents our willingness to take on the dark, rare, taboo, and sensitive subjects and tasks that most don’t want to bother with.
  • The Green Backdrop: Represents an organic and natural flow and function of movement. Being easily adaptable to anything both in war and in peacetime.

The Image

       So we had our colors, now we needed an image. Being that some of us are into law enforcement, the idea of having a shield as our main shape was thrown around a lot so I started fiddling around with the shape. I threw our old logo in the center of it, but had a hard time with what to do next. Then the idea of using a similar concept that many police departments use came up and I immediately contacted a good friend of mine to help piece it together.

The Logo

       We decided that the original logo said a lot about us already so with the combination of the colors, it’d be perfect for us.

Here is what it represents;

  • The Target and Firearms: Is our combined experience and training. Military, Law Enforcement, and Enthusiasts.
  • The Sound Wave or Signal: Symbolizes the very voices we all have and must use to defend our rights and freedoms.

The Shield

       The shield is the most important part of our logo as we all have taken the OATH to PROTECT our nation against FOREIGN and DOMESTIC enemies. We plan to keep that OATH. As professionals and citizen sheepdogs, we stand by to protect those we love and we will train others to do the same.

When you wear this shield, you choose to stand for the very same. Wear it with HONOR and PRIDE!