Welcome to Voices of Defense!

Here you will find many valuable features to any firearm owner and enthusiast. This website was built in layers upon layers of framework and content management systems. It was built this way to bring you limitless content as well as limitless function. As this company grows we aim to further the production of this website so you can expect daily updates and changes. If you register to this website you will be notified of any changes (don’t worry we won’t spam or harass you).


            Now that you know the “nitty-gritty”, here is what we will be brining to the table.  A full sized blog that will bring you the latest news and gear. A training section that will have all of our offered training information. There is even a fully functional shop which will have all of our merchandise available for purchase.


            We offer top quality training as we implement our very own experience into our courses. Most of us are either military, law enforcement, or experienced shooters.